Waste are resources
to valorise

Lixo wishes to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy. 
To do so, we develop turnkey solutions to increase the efficiency,
transparency and traceability of the waste management and valorisation industry.
Based on computer vision and image recognition,
our mission is to make waste the resources of tomorrow.

Tools for players all along
the value chain_

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Analyse the quality of collected waste, in real time.   
Get geographical data, like never before

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Sorting plants

Characterize waste in real time.
Get an exhaustive view of all waste flows.                    

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Audit the quality of incoming waste flows
and adapt your industrial processes to fit the exact quality of your materials

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How does it work?_

Image capture

Our devices are installed in 2h,
with no modification needed
in your processes


Our AI algorithms analyse
the images captured by our devices
in real time


Our dashboards give you
the right indicators, at the right time
(purity, throughput, downtime, etc.)

Our differences_


Works in real time,


Adapts to your flows (recyclables, refusal, etc.)


Deployable in 2h, without any modification to your processes anywhere you need it


A subscription model, with no investment cost, no hidden cost

Our references_

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