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Collection @Veolia

Discover how the Lixo solution has had a strategic impact on the management of household waste in the European Metropolis of Lille, whose collection is managed by Veolia North of France.

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"The success of the collaboration with Lixo is based on four pillars: their ability to innovate, their adaptability to the challenges in the field, the robustness of their solution and the quality of their customer support"

Stéphane Caplier
Commercial Director
North of France

How to improve the analysis of
collected waste flows ?

Veolia's expectations

Veolia has increasing needs to improve the quality of sorting in a complex operational and field context. It is necessary for the teams to differentiate their service offer.

The work of Lixo

Lixo identifies Veolia needs and objectives, confirms project scope, installs the equipment and trains teams. Within 4 weeks everything is up and running and Veolia can start monitoring the waste collection performance.

The benefits of Lixo

The Lixo solution allows to improve the analysis of the quality of waste collected. The results are available in real time to allow targeted preventive and curative actions.


7 years
waste management contracts
budget allocated to the contract
additional sensors in Lille

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